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The Wiley Sunshine Foundation has provided scholarship assistance to students pursuing a variety of educational goals. We have helped students from the United States and all the way to Africa.

One young man, Goli, living in Malawi, Africa dreamed of pursuing a degree in accounting. The Wiley Sunshine Foundation provided financial assistance that not only helped him meet his goals but also gave him the means to earn an adequate living to care for his mother and sisters.

Another student in Tallahassee, Florida was provided a scholarship so that she could pursue her dream of becoming a nurse. 

The Wiley Sunshine Foundation also sponsored a student from Africa, Sinya, who was studying in the United States. Her goal is to become a physician so that she may provide desperately needed medical services to her community in Africa, and the Wiley Sunshine Foundation helped her obtain a degree here in the United States before she returned to Africa to continue her studies.

Another example of how the Wiley Sunshine Foundation made a difference is by assisting a family with basic household expenses, when one family member suffered a tragic accident. The family was overcome with medical bills and had no other resources or assistance available to pay for such things as electricity and food. Through their strong perseverance and a little help from the Wiley Sunshine Foundation, they were able to nurse their family member back to health and get back on their feet. 

Currently, the Wiley Sunshine Foundation is providing financial assistance to a pediatrician who is completing his residency in Capetown, South Africa. After completion, at the end of 2008, he will return to his home country of Malawi, Africa. There he will serve as the only pediatrician in northern Malawi, for a pediatric and adolescent population of over half a million.

Goli Chipeta, Malawian student who with the assistance of the Wiley Sunshine Foundation completed a degree in accounting.

Sinya, a Malawian student, who studied in the U.S. with the assistance of the Wiley Sunshine Foundation.
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